Pork Rind is a busboy with sticky fingers and a belly full of cheap beer. When he realizes a psychic power he never knew he had, he and best friend, Weezie, embark on an all-too-easy burglary spree. Due in part to this newfound power, Pork Rind and Weezie keep finding themselves in the position of accidental heroes. When their thieving ways finally catch up with them, the opportunity arises to test their mettle, and prove that even the least-expecting slacker can rise to occasion to become a true Antihero.


Antihero is equal parts slacker-comedy and heartfelt adventure. Geurilla filmmaking at it's finest, Antihero was shot on a shoestring budget, with a two-man crew, and a lively cast comprised mostly of VCU theater students and graduates.


Antihero took home the prize of Best Narrative Feature, from the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival. Nicole Carter and Brian Gartland were finalists for the prize of Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively, from the SoCal Film Fest. Antihero was a finalist for the prize Best Made in the Marianas, from the Guam International Film Festival, and was awarded the distinction of runner-up for Best Feature Film, in addition to winning the prize for Best Buddy Film, from the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.


Back Row: DJ Granger (Boom-op, B-cam)

Middle Row (L-R): Brian Gartland (Pork Rind), Joe Carlson (Weezie), Joseph Weindl (Director)

Front Row (L-R): Nicole Carter (Lainee), Ryan Asher (Jhoanna)